King Beez were formed in 2007 in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada and take the world by storm time and time again with their unique blend of metal influenced instrumental surf punk music. King Beez have one goal: TO MAKE YOU SHAKE! Their roaring lead guitars, thunderous riffs and heavy hitting rhythm section command the audience and create a high energy attack that is not to be forgotten. The band has toured extensively across Ontario and Quebec and have recieved a lot of critical acclaim as well as built a solid and loyal fanbase with their cult-like brand.

The band has thus far released four recordings - their self titled debut in 2008, "Deathproof Vol. 1" in 2012, and two releases in 2013 with "Shark Fin Soup" and "Deathproof Vol. 2: Deathproofer". In 2017, the band released "The Rumble Bee ep" to acclaim from both fans and critics. The band also took home the winner trophy from the prestigious GREAT LAKES SURF BATTLE and played with rockabilly legend Robert Gordon. The band has receivedseveral awards and recognition, and continues to get support on the radio and by fans worldwide. The band is prepping songs for several forthcoming releases as well as lots of upcoming live dates scheduled in Ontario. 





Matt plays bass and sings in the Grammy nominated band Green Jelly. Known for such hits as "Three Little Pigs" "Carnage Rules" and "The Bear Song" among countless other classic songs, the band garners respect and big crowds everywhere they go with their super original punk rock puppet show. In 2016 the band embarked on a very successful Canadian tour with the Insane Clown Posse and was also inducted into the Guiness Book of Records for most band members ever in a band (a record that includes Matt himself).

The band has also been joined in the past by many well known people such as Maynard James Keenan and Danny Kerry of TOOL, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS, Sebastian Bach, Weild Al Yankovic and many more. In addition, 2016 saw the release of GREEN JELLO SUXX LIVE: THE MOVIE which followed the gang on the first tour Matt did with the band in 2014 which has garnered respect from fans and critics alike. 

First and foremost Blackdog Ballroom is a Rock & Roll band that resonates an immediate passion. Their music exudes personality and charm highlighted by their exhilarating live performance and evident in their captivating presence. With the release of their debut album “This is Blackdog Ballroom”, Blackdog Ballroom are primed for an exciting year. The new release is reminiscent of a time when you couldn’t wait to hear what the next song would offer.

With an eclectic mix of influence ranging from Pop to Punk, Mod to Motown and Rock to Roll, Blackdog Ballroom have cultivated a distinct blend to create their unique sound. Featuring powerful vocals, slammin’ guitars and a driving rhythm section Blackdog Ballroom’s magnetic energy is fuelled by Michael Stanfield. Michael’s provocative lyrics, infectious rhythms and insightful themes are perfectly complimented by Matt Groopie’s inspired lead guitar with Robby Sedran and Jeff LeFort holding down the pulse and backbeat of the band.

Since their formation Blackdog Ballroom have experienced such accolades as Michael being named a winner in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for the Blackdog Ballroom song ” Alright “, three times nominated for ” Best Live Band ” at the Toronto Independent Music Awards ( TIMAS ), an invitation to perform at the TIMAS award show where they received the award for ” Best AC Band “, the song “CLEARVIEW” receiving a semi-finalist placement award in the International “Song of the Year” contest. In addition to performing original material, the band also performs sets of their favorite bands such as David Bowie, The Who, The Clash, Lou Reed and more. 

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